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TV-Video of the show 2006:    WDRKaunitz2006

Victory Glass Delivery of jukebox-parts, big assortiment
Pinball Universe Specialist for new and top-restored pinballs
Bernhard Wagner´s Seite Bernhard Wagner introduces the 1.German Pinball Association
Coinop-Classics Jukeboxes, Pinballs, Billards and other coin machines plus service
Jukeboxworld Spareparts


De Jukebox Fanaat , Website of the Dutch Jukeboxclub from Ernst Aalders, Organizer of the biggest jukeboxshow of the world and parts source for new and used parts


Josef and Petra Reutter with gumballs and coated peanuts for 10Pfg. – machines


Spareparts for German gambling machines
Paul´s 50´s Germany´s greatest dealer of pinballs, arcade games and jukeboxes

Nostalgieshop Hamburg

Nice things out of the 50s, 60s and 70s, located in Hamburg

Holidays on Cyprus

Nothing to do with the 50s, but holidays on Cyprus . Nice little apartment-hotel in a small village by the sea. Owner-directed, well equipped.
Jukebox Revival Technical parts for jukeboxes and guitar amps